Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Planting Succulents

Homemade presents are the best. That's why planting a pot with succulents is an easy alternative which doesn't require too much creativity.


  • Container: zinc pot, glass jar...
  • Plants: various succulents, housesleeks...
  • Gravel, small kernels
  • Soil
  1. Place a layer of gravel about 2-3 cm high into your container.
  2. Distribute a layer of soil about 1-2cm high onto the gravel layer.
  3. Take your plants out of the plastic pot
  4. Squeeze the soil and root part gently. Be careful not to break any root part (hydrate it if needed).
  5. Position your plant on your soil layer.
  6. Fill in the gaps between the plants and cover the tops of the root parts.
  7. Gently press down and level out the soil layer.
  8. Distribute a small layer of gravel on top to cover up the soil.

If you live in Germany and wonder where I got my supplies, just ask :)

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