Sunday, August 31, 2014

Some Sources for Originality and Inspiration

Not having blogged for some weeks now~
I've particularly thinking about Originality of my blog. Everyone seems to write about the same topics - everyone seems to have the same answers. I follow quite a lot of blogs and I know there are some who are similar, from their design to their content.

I don't want to condemn then but as a beginnerblogger myself I feel repetitive to do what everyone else does. And writing about it, I get stuck so I the end I get confused and don't know what the point of that post is suppose to be.

Over the weeks I've been collecting a few thoughts on originality and trying to put them into action. Some are time consuming but I think learning something new doesn't only benefit your blog content ;)

1. Read
Read about anything you want. Anything that make you experience new things in your head or getting new information on certain things, isn't only refreshing but also liberating, evaluating new thoughts. Educating yourself about new things can give your a new perspective on your past actions, understand past situations/people better.

2. Experience
Now it's time to also make your own practical discoveries. Experiencing something yourself is also very educational and gives insight to - well - other new things. Also, it is fun to get outside and explore other of parts your city~

3. Inspiration
There are many ways for getting inspired. Actually it's a mix of the first two points. Perceiving different pictures, online or in real life can spark an new idea in your head.

4. Consistency
Try to stick to one or several topics. Having a theme you constantly exploring makes it easy to look for new content to produce. Also, the reader feels reassured about your blog and its content.

5. Do what you want
As long as you know what content to create, don't let you be restricted by factors like pretty photography. Although it's a great bonus, most important is that you're writing something you're confident and passionate about!
For myself I struggle the most with making photos. I already have written my post but I still haven't shot that one photo... Sometimes I have to tell myself that it's more important to put the post up than worrying about that picture :)

What sources do you use for staying inspired?

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