Thursday, August 7, 2014

Living Alone and Feeling Lonely

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Living alone was the best experience I could ever have as a student. You grow up and become independent. You learn to organize your daily life, when to buy groceries, when to do laundry... Even if you really didn't want to do tidy up you know that eventually you have do clean up your mess. It's your mess, no one else's - so depends on how high your level of tolerance to dirt is, you'll eventually do it.

What I miss about living alone is the way you store things. Where you put your furniture and how to decorate. You don't have to be bothered by your parents to place the food processor somewhere else since you're going to use it nearly every day (smoothies and juices ;)).

Also I enjoyed my free time I could spent with my friend. I could come home whenever I felt like - I could leave the house whenever I felt like. No reporting your moves to anyone - no one would worry about you. If you really enjoy your freedom - you'd really enjoy that~

Sometimes even the most free-willed person could feel lonely. Here are some ideas on how to not feel alone in the world at those vulnerable times at night.

1. Have a really good/big/cute stuffed animal/toy.
I find it helped me stay calm when I felt really alone. Just cuddling with my huge stuffed fox animal and doing things I have to do (answer e-mails) while being able to wrap my arms around that fluffy pillow-y toy made me able to go through it without being distracted by my feelings.

2. Watching TV-series/films.
It really distract you from thinking too much. It also gives you the feeling that human interactions are happening right now. Same is it with radio shows. Just having a voice talking to you makes your mind think that there are human in the room with you.

3. Chatting with friends via social media or over the phone.
This one is obvious but just call a friend and talk about your day and old times makes you feel better right away.

Enjoy your living by yourself as much as possible - you don't want to go back to living with your parents once you experienced it once

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